Microservices Book

Flexible Software Architectures

The FREE Primer

The Primer gives a short overview of Microservices. It is free and it is a great ressource to get started with Microservices.

How to Get It

You can get the eBook for free from Leanpub. You get a PDF, ePub and Mobi (Kindle). There is no DRM (digital rights management).


At Amazon the Kindle eBook is not free but quite cheap. Here are the links to the Amazon web sites:

There is also a printed version:


The Primer is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. The source is available at GitHub.


What are Microservices?

Why Microservices?

In the last chapter the primer gives hints how to start with Microservices.

German Version

The book is a translation into English. The German version is Microservices Überblick.